DCWC-PHC Prevention Coalition

District/Community Wellness Committee

A coalition of MSSD 14 Leadership, Staff, Community partners and parents working collaboratively to build relationships and mobilize community resources in engaging youth in healthy choices.  

Minutes for October 3rd  2018

Ten components of Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child
1. Physical Education and Physical Activity 6. Nutrition Environment and Services
2. School Environment 7. Employee Wellness
3. Health Education 8. Counseling, Psychological & Social Services
4. Health Services 9. Community Involvement
5. Family Engagement 10. Social & Emotional Climate

VISION:  The communities of Manitou Springs School District 14 are unified and supportive of youth (staff) and families; youth are making healthy choices that effect their minds, bodies and actions.
MISSION:  To create opportunities, build relationships, and mobilize community resources to engage youth in healthy choices. We respect youth as valued members of our community.

District/Community Wellness Committee: PHC Community Coalition
Minutes for October 3, 2018 SILC, 3:30-4:45 pm, multi-purpose room

1. Soft start: enjoyed snacks, wrote share outs on sheets on walls listed by partners.

2. Introductions ~ In attendance: Laurie Wood, Jane Squires, Emma Cook, Susan Imhoff, Lara Stern, Jessi Larsen, Chi Ito, Julie Thompson, Mollie Wickes, Gabrielle Waters, Miles Groth, Cat Olimb, Karen Berchtold, Wendy Fay, Melissa MacDonald, Melissa Warden, Jay Rohrer, Erin Gocinski , Natalie Johnson, Chris Nason, Chris Picinich, Jesse Hull, Steve Wood, Kylie Matas

3. Ignite~Jane

Question 1: Based on your readings, what do you believe is the current purpose of the PHC Coalition/committee?

•to accomplish the vision and mission. Define need and find ways to meet them.
•sharing out, microcosm of community and region~identify resources and share different perspectives, trainings, data share out, deeper insight into each others’ organizations so can advocate within our organization, building relationships
•group working toward the common goal of physical and mental well-being for all
•to educate and encourage student to make healthy cohices by coming together as a community to meet student where they are
•to provide healthy choices and opportunity to staff, youth and families, common vision and purpose happening by sharing vision and creating opportunity, coalition members fring PHC intention/vision back to their organization or building

Question 2: Do you think PHC’s current structure supports accomplishing our vision and mission statement?

•We have a great group!
•yes to an extent: share outs are helpful
•yes and…need data driven decisions, building SHIPs (school health improvement plans) are great, district has SHIPs, constancy of meetings is great
•vision: yes, mission: need to lean into mobilizing community resources
•structure is successful, minutes are helpful, what are the challenges of being a school-based organization?
•relationships are good with teachers and people here, ,resources are good, seems not as well-known in community
•yes, co-leaders can support their buildings while receiving support from Laurie, Jane and Angela, monthly meeting allows us to connect with community members

Question 3: What recommendations do you have for the structure of PHC to achieve being effective in accomplishing our vision and mission?

•Do you know how each agency can support schools?
•How does a group get an invite?
•use community resources more effectively: bring into building meeting, work sessions instead of sharing out, how do we let the community and wider teacher/student population “know”.
•Are the partners supposed to do anything aside?
•What concrete activities that we as agencies can be doing to support the goals of PHC?
•How does my agency’s work impact the vision/mission of PHC?
•speed dating to learn about how we can support each other, community and schools.
•reach outside this room: advertise through the opportunities, through the app, campaign, kids respect?
•should families be represented on coalition?, outreach, do you need more? Events~good in community, what does PHC feel about success, what can we support, weaknesses?
•agency people come to building meeting, contact list of members for support, lace vision and mission on agenda/minutes, member orientation packet
•talk for a 2 minute about your passion that embodies PHC allows for better understanding
•at staff meeting, having a list of our resources to share with buildings
•field trips, builds relationships with community
•pick an issue and tackle it together
•group supports: such as clothing and food help
•1 talking point coming from PHC
•data~using it more effectively
•divide share outs into categories
•list of what is available to community and students
•need next action steps to enact system change
•have a yearly “focus” area for common purpose, connections between buildings and community groups could be strengthened by inviting individual appropriate community group to building meeting, student leaders woven into efforts

4. *Partners of PHC Share out*
City Council liaison for Manitou Springs~Jay Rohrer: No report

MAC: Natalie Johnson
•October is Arts Month, choose to do at least 1 intention new art activity this month
•1st Friday Art Walk this Friday
•Manitou Paints: Plein Air event this Saturday
•MAC turn 30 (yay)
•PPAC Awards: Superintendent Longfield won Future of the Arts Award!
•Art Pop-art events all month

Manitou Springs Arts Academy-Wendy Fay: no report

Concrete Couch: Steve Wood
•Fab Lab and Skill Shares all happening.
•Art Pop Thursday, October 11th, 4-7 pm (WHERE???)
•Secured HUD (Housing and Urban Development grant for $112,000) to acquire land in Colorado Springs for permanent home! CONGRATS!!

Manitou Springs Public Library: Chi Ito
•October event handouts will be attached to these minutes, lots of great events happening this month!
•Working on 6th grade Battle of the Books program with Jen Weimer and Ann Huddleston (parent)

El Paso County Health Department: Emma Cook
•Vaping myths handout (see attached)
Susan Imhoff~maternal child care You can contact her with questions or for any support at: [email protected]
•Lara Stern RN- handout for HCP Program, see attached

Manitou Springs Fire Department: No report

Manitou Springs Police Department: no report

Manitou Springs Planning Department: Karen Berchtold
•Lots of transportation projects and plan underway
ªNovember 15: community meeting on Hiawatha Gardens project

United Health Care: Flu Shot Clinics scheduled for staff on 10/8/18 2:30-5 pm and 10/30/18 2-5:30 pm. Flu shots are free to all United Health Care Members (this includes spouses and children ages 8 and older) and will cost $25 for non members. *You MUST have your insurance card with you when you come to receive your flu shot. All family members need to have their own individual cards with them * The vaccine will be the 4 strain vaccine this year instead of the 3 strain. If you are 65 or older there will be the senior dose available as well.

Sports and Connect 14: no reports

MSHS students~no report

H.E.A.R.T. Committee: Ute Pass Elementary School’s wellness committee: Miles Groth:
•working on several new playground options
•reworking our community lunch around the holidays

Mustang Might Committee: Manitou Springs Elementary School’s wellness committee: Jessi Larsen
•new initiatives to support already exisitng nights, ie Literacy Night, adding fruit to food options and counting participation.
•getting ready for our mini-Health Jam days,

Healthstangs Committee: Manitou Springs Middle School’s wellness committee: Mollie Wickes
•getting ready for Health Jam in November
•created “after’test” activities for next week
•bough new balls for ball bags (used during breaks in day for students)

Mind, Body, Spirit Committee: Manitou Springs High School’s wellness committee: Erin Gocinski, Gabrielle Waters
•Freshman swag bags, good feedback
•community dinner?
•Adams Cooking class for students?

Next meeting, NOVEMBER 7th” Read pgs. 63-71 in Ignite: if you need a book, let Jane Squires know~ [email protected]
All meetings are the 1st Wednesday of the month, SILC (behind the high school) 1st floor.

Meeting Norms:
Healthy snacks provided
Respectful communication
Stick to agenda
Start and end on time
Soft start to all meetings
Take of your needs/step out into hall for tech use
Name tags and introductions at every meeting

Kinders and siblings greeting Roxy at MSES on a Friday morning.

A: Roster of PHC partners who attended this Tuesday and their organization and contact information. Googlesheets: please be on the lookout for email I’ll be sharing this info. in Google Sheets~if you need paper copy, let us know.
B: Get Educated: Youth Mental Health and Wellness
C: Lara Stern’s contact info and information re: HCP program from El Paso County Health Department
D: Myths vs Facts: Vaping, from Emma Cook, El Paso County Health Department
E: Child and Family Emotional Trauma Program from AspenPointe
F: No More Secrets: event this weekend by NAMI
G: El Paso County: Youth Suicide Prevention framework
H: MSSD14’s: Youth Suicide Prevention framework (work in progress)
I: Pool Pumpkin Patch: Manitou Pool and Fitness event
J: PPLD: Teens & Tweens Create
K: PPLD: Teen & Tween Advisory Board
L: PPLD: All Pikes Peak Read Family Fun: Mexico
M: PPLD: Learn a New Language with PPLD
N: PPLD: Celebrate National Internet Day
O: PPLD: Art for Kids: Autumn collage
P: PPLD: Teen & Tweens Eat Foods of the World
Q: PPLD: Fall 2018 Children and Tween events
R: PPLD: After-School Reading Club: Goosebumps
S: PPLD: All Hallows Eve with Wilson and McKee
T: Basic Program: NAMI
U: MSSD14: Serve~Lead~Connect event on Oct. 10th at Space Foundation

IGNITE (our book study) is about starting a coalition and we have been one for years, almost 10 years! Reading this book is about loving up our coalition and taking the time to make sure we are still serving in the ways our community needs and wants us to.

SO, while reading and doing the exercises, be aware this is NOT about scrapping what we have lovingly been doing for a decade, but reloving it up so it’s relevant and dynamic.


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