Building Wellness Teams



Louisa Dick
PHC allows teachers to be true agents of change. Personally, I love the creativity, intentionality, and opportunity that comes with being a PHC Co-Leader. It allows me to bring change to teachers and students with the whole-child and whole-community in mind. Participating in PHC has kept me informed on district happenings, involved with student/staff well-being, and in-tune with community engagement opportunities. It's encouraged me to lead a healthier lifestyle and has played a big role in shaping the educator who I am today.

Miles Groth
I am one of the Ute Pass Elementary co-leaders and one of the Mountain Academy of Arts & Sciences instructors. I joined the Ute Pass Wellness team (HEART) in 2015 because of my passion for learning and an environment that supports students' well-being. This has meant creating opportunities that emphasize outdoor learning and unique experiences for students and staff. Over the past few years, Ute Pass Wellness has supported sixth grade camping trips where students plan, shop for, and cook their meals. Last year, all 160 UPE students built birdhouses with the help of parents and community members!

MSES = Mustang Might


Jeana Farrell
Health and wellness has always played a big part in my and my families life. When the opportunity arose to take over as a co-leader at MSES it seemed like a no brainer! I had also wanted for some time to take on a leadership role in the school so this just fit.

Maddie Goldman
I grew up in a small town outside of Boston and moved out to Colorado eleven years ago to attend Colorado College! Since graduating, I have had the pleasure of teaching first grade, second grade, and now am settled in as a fourth grade teacher. This will be my fourth year here at MSES, and I am not planning on leaving anytime soon. This school district is one of (if not) THE BEST! I joined PHC via Mustang Might my first year here and have been constantly inspired by their commitment to promoting both student and staff health and wellness. I think that having healthy minds, healthy bodies, and feeling safe are essential in a school community that fosters deep learning opportunities, so when the privilege to become a PHC co-leader arose, I was thrilled and honored to join!

MSMS = HealthStangs


Barak Ben-Amots
I teach the GALLoP Courses at Manitou Springs Middle School, a program based on learning at Flying Pig Farm. My passion is about sustainable food, nutrition, healthy relationships, and I have channeled that passion into work for PHC since 2019. My days are spent tending to the animals and plants at FPF with the goal of bringing better healthy local food into the school and into the hearts of MSSD14 students.

Cory Urban
I choose to be a PHC Co-Leader because I have experienced first hand the impact that being involved can have on the student experience. I want to be a part of creating healthy opportunities for students, and parents, to engage in their community. PHC is able to support and foster a belief I have always had about education, which is that we are teaching the whole child. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of many different aspects of education, rather than just exclusively academic.

MSHS = MInd, Body, Spirit


Stuart Jeck
I chose to be a PHC co-leader because I believe we can't achieve a child's full potential until we take care of them both mind and body. I want to be able to give our families the opportunities to choose healthy choices by building great relationships and providing the resources they need to become the best Mustang they can be.

Gabrielle Waters
I’m Gabrielle Waters PHC co-leader at Manitou Springs High School. I joined PHC to better serve students and staff with any and all health-related options. I’m extremely passionate about making sure students voices are heard so that they feel school is a healthy, safe and secure space to be. I’m also excited that I have had the opportunity to learn and share the practice of mindfulness with students and staff to help them learn a sense of calm and relief during extremely difficult times.
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