Remote Learning

Manitou Springs School District has launched Remote Learning to our students. Since going 1:1, we have been using Canvas in Grades KG to 12th grade on iPads/laptops. We are also using Google Meet to connect with students face to face.

A Remote Learning day is when students access learning outside the traditional class, either through online sources or instructional packets/materials.

The Remote Learning days are designed to avoid interruptions in instruction that occur when school cannot be held due to unforeseen circumstances.

Remote Learning for KG to 12th grade:
• Students and parent(s)/guardian(s) can access Remote Learning by students logging into Canvas (windows machines) or using the Canvas App or Canvas Web clip on their iPad/laptop.

• Every day teachers will post activities/assignments and a link to Google Meet. Teachers will have students log into Google Meet from the posted canvas link. 

• Students may be required to complete assignments online or offline by returning a hard copy assignment (upon returning to school) to show evidence of their learning experiences. Further, if students are unable to participate in Remote Learning, accommodations will be made to assist them in making up the missed work.

Our plan is to conduct Remote Learning days through the use of the students’ devices and hard copies when necessary. If you currently do not have an internet connection at home, please let the principal know.

Grading Policy for MSSD14
Please contact the building secretaries or principals for any questions.